How to Apply

Steps to follow to submit the ONLINE Application

  • Register on the Call for Proposals 2020 system and obtain a username and password. Be sure to keep your password and username for further use if you will be selected.
  • The online application can be saved as draft during the process, to be continued by the applicant at a later stage. The username and password mentioned above will be necessary to access the online draft application form later.
  • Go to the online application form and fill it in.
  • Download the simplified logical framework template (Annex A1) and fill it in:
  • Download the work plan template (Annex B) and fill it in:
  • Download the budget template (Annex C) and fill it in. Before filling it in, please read carefully the tips on how to fill in the budget at the end of the form.
  • Download the Partnership agreement template (Annex D) and fill it in for all Partners:
  • Download the Financial Identification Form (Annex F) and fill it in:
  • Download the Legal Entity File (Annex M1, M2) and fill it in:
  • Finish the online application and upload the completed logical framework, work plan, budget, Partnership agreement (Partnership agreement must be signed and stamped by the Leader and each Partner), Financial Identification Form and Legal Entity File.
  • Submit the online application once it is 100% completed. Please note that only submitted applications (not drafts) will be considered by the ALF.
  • Once the online application form is submitted, the applicant shall receive an online confirmation to his/her email address informing him/her that his/her application has been successfully submitted. If the applicant does not receive such confirmation, s/he should immediately contact the technical support at to investigate the reasons for the technical problem.
  • If you encounter any technical problems related to the online application, please contact immediately the technical support at


  • It is strongly recommended that the applicant keeps a soft copy of the content of the application as a back-up in case of any loss of connection or power failure during the online application process. The applicant can do so by downloading the form on his/her computer, fill it in there and then copy/paste the content to the online form.
  • It is strongly recommended that the applicant regularly saves the application during the online application process in order to avoid any loss of data in case of connection or power failure.
  • It is also strongly recommended not to wait the last minute to fill in and submit the application as any online system can get blocked when it is used by many people at the same time.
  • Online applications can ONLY be sent electronically using the online system (NO e-mails). Applications sent to any of the ALF staff members email addresses are automatically excluded from the call.